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Our Apple Blossoms are all situated in the main nursery building. The children have free flow between their room and the garden.  


In the rooms the children have access to the following,


Constructive Play/Small World Play

Quiet Area/Book Corner

Writing Area

Role play


Topic Work

Numeracy-number puzzles.

Art and Craft activities and

Sand, water and malleable play.


The children also have areas within the rooms where they can access snack and have their meals.

The children are cared for by experienced members of staff, who hold level 3 qualifications. All staff within the rooms work together as a Key Person team this means that the staff are able to support all of the children all of the time even if a member of staff is on holiday. The Key Person team is responsible for the child's welfare and Education whilst at the nursery. The Key Person team liaises with the parents/carers on the child's progress and activities during the day.

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