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Meet The Team


Suzanne Banks - Nursery Manager.

Level 3 NNEB.

Level 5 Foundation Degree in Early Years Childcare and Education.

Safe guarding lead.


I have worked at Apple Tree Nursery since 2006 and lead a team of 12 staff. I have worked in child care in various roles for over 40 years, I have 3 grown up children and  7 grandchildren.


I believe that every child is an individual and therefore unique, by offering a child varied learning experiences and planning for the individual we are able to provide the highest quality care and education for the children that come to our setting.

Debra Young - Deputy Manager.

I joined Apple Tree Nursery in 1999  as the nursery cook on bank staff.  Through hard work and dedication plus a natural affinity for child care, I have managed to make my way up to Deputy Manager.


I hold a NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education and have experienced working with all age groups. 

I am one of the Nursery's Special Education Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCO) and work closely with the children who need additional attention.

I am also the Behaviour Coordinator and the Foundation stage Lead.

Senior Staff

Senior staff  have the responsibility of acting as coordinators in designated areas:


Safeguarding Children Dedicated Person:

Our setting will work with children, parents and the community to ensure the safety of the child and to give them the best start in life. Our Safeguarding Dedicated Person will ensure that the commitments laid out in our safeguarding policies are upheld and implemented responsibly.

All staff and students are checked and approved by the Criminal Records Bureau.


Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCO):

We believe in providing an environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs, are supported to reach their full potential. The nursery SENDCO is responsible for ensuring that our provision is fully inclusive for all children with special educational needs.

She works closely with children and families and is supported by other professional agencies should the need arise.


Equality Named Coordinator (ENCO):

As a nursery we aim to ensure that our service is fully inclusive when meeting the needs of all children and their families. We recognise that children and their families come from diverse backgrounds and therefore should be supported accordingly and with respect. We will strive to see each child as a unique individual.


Our ENCO will ensure that we offer a balanced selection of toys and books, which depict non sexist and non racist attitudes, and show awareness of both nuclear and single parent families. She/he will also discourage prejudicial or violent feelings within the nursery, encouraging a culture of mutual respect and understanding.


Behaviour Coordinator:

At Apple Tree we want children to have fun and learn in a calm and friendly atmosphere. We therefore encourage respect between all members of our nursery community. Staff attend regular training on behaviour management. We deal with issues in a calm and sensitive manner and never use physical punishment. Any cases of unacceptable behaiour will always be dealt with in partnership with the child's parents/carers.


The health and safety of the children in our nursery is of paramount importance to us. Our Health and Safety Coordinator carries out regular risk assessments, as do all the staff, and we have strict policies and procedures in place. We strive to ensure that all children are kept safe and secure when in our care.


Hayley Adams - Senior Nursery Educator.

I have worked at Apple Tree since 2013. At present I am the Under 3's co-ordinator leading a team of 4 staff and room leader in the Apple Seeds room (2-3 yrs), although I also have experience working with different ages within the setting. I am also one of the nursery's  Safeguarding coordinators and I will soon be undertaking my SENDCO training. As a practitioner I am fully dedicated to providing quality care and education for all of the children in my care.

I have recently gained my Level 3 Leadership qualification.

Clare Hales - Senior Nursery Educator

I joined the Apple Tree team in August 2016. I currently work full time within the  Blossoms room (3-5 years). I have always wanted to work in childcare and having successful gained my level 3 qualification I am now able to fulfil my ambition. I am also one of the nursery's ENCO's.

I have recently gained my Level 3 Leadership qualification.

Full Time staff


Katie Twin - Level 3 Nursery Practitioner

I started at Apple Tree as a student and  was given the chance to complete my Level 3 qualification whilst working at the nursery. I work full time within the Apple Pips room and I am the room leader.

Eleanor Wall - Level 3 Nursery Practitioner

I started at Apple Tree at the beginning of April 2021 and I work full time in the Apple Seeds room. I have been given the opportunity to begin my Level 3 training whilst working and learning from the other qualified staff within the setting.

Toni Jackson-Lake - Level 3 Nursery Practitioner

I have recently started at Apple Tree. I work full time in the Apple Blossom room. 

I am also one of the nursery's Safeguarding Coordinators.

Jenna Dawson - Apprentice

I started at Apple Tree in October 2022 as an Apprentice. I currently work in the Apple Pips room with the under 2 year olds.

Part time & support staff

Amanda Baker - Level 3 Nursery Educator

Having worked at Apple Tree before leaving to raise my three children, I was pleased to be offered the chance to return in January 2017 after 10 years. I currently work as lunch time cover during term time.

Dawn Watts - Nursery cook

I have worked at the nursery for over 10 years as the cook. I also enjoy doing lunch cover and getting involved in the activities with the children when my other duties allow.


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