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Change of Registration Details

In July 2022 structural administration changes were made within our parent company, these changes had absolutely no bearing on the operation of the nursery.

Despite this, OFSTED rules required that we re-register the nursery which led to the cancellation of our previous certificate that we held for nearly 25 years.

A result of this is that our OFSTED inspection records now show the nursery is closed. 

This is not the case, we will continue to offer the best possible care for your children, as we have done for the past 25 Years, just under a new certificate number (URN 5695271)

When issuing our new registration certificate OFSTED did not find it necessary to re-inspect our nursey.

Summer Term Dates 2023

Summer term begins Monday 17th April 2023

Summer half term holiday begins Monday 29th May 2023

Summer term ends Friday 21st July 2023


Autumn Term Dates 2023

Autumn term begins  Monday 4th September 2023

Autumn half term holiday begins Monday 23rd October 2023

Autumn term ends Friday 15th December 2023

Please note these dates are for funded children who only attend during term time. We are still open for all full time children during the school holidays.

Spring Term Dates 2024

Spring term begins Monday 8th January 2024

Spring half term holiday begins Monday 19th February 2024

Spring term ends on Thursday 28th March 2024

Summer Term Dates 2024

Summer term begins Monday 15th April 2024

Summer half term holiday begins Monday 27th May 2024

Summer term ends on Friday 19th July 2024

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