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About Us

Appletree Nursery was first registered in September 1997, the original purpose for the nursery was to care for the children of the employees of Kalestead Limited.


However it proved to be so successful that through word of mouth references, it gradually expanded to accommodate more and more children from the surrounding area. Until now it is able to cater for 51 children from 3 months of age through to 11 years of age. 


All of our staff are fully qualified to the relevant standard and are totally committed to providing the children for whom they are responsible the best possible care, in the safest possible environment. 

Our Vision, Ethos and Beliefs.

We believe that childhood is a unique and precious time to be experienced and valued for itself. We consider each child to be beautiful, independent, fascinating and creative individuals with a huge amount to offer the world. We understand that the importance of the early years in a child's development cannot be over-emphasized.

There are four main needs that children within early years have;

  • The need for love and security.

  • The need for new experiences.

  • The need for praise and recognition.

The need for a framework of responsible behaviour.

We believe that young children are capable of reaching higher levels of creative learning earlier than expected.

We are passionate about helping them develop their moral compass and encouraging them to become self-respecting, confident and social individuals.

We feel that excellent nursery education helps young learners to become stimulated and excited by the fun of learning through play, which supports a positive life-long attitude to learning and succeeding.

We believe that we can serve our children best through a firm commitment to regular self-assessment, training and research.

Your child's safety, happiness and education is of the most highest importance to us and therefore our promise to you is provide the highest standards of care and nursery education tailored to your child's individual interests and needs.


The Nursery is divided into four main categories covering the the different age groups: Apple Pips, Apple Seeds, Apple Blossoms and Toffee Apples (see below) :


Apple Pips:


This room is located at the back of the nursery within the large nursery garden and caters for our Babies and Toddlers up to the age of approximately 2 years (click here for more detail).

Apple Seeds:


This is where the children go from the age of 2 up until they are 3 years old, the Seeds room is in a separate buiding at the rear of the large nursery garden (click here for more detail).

Apple Blossoms:


The Apple Blossoms are our 3 to 5 year olds and are housed in the main building of the nursery, which is divided into two rooms between which the children have free flow. In addition there is the large nursery garden which is used as frequently as possible, weather permitting (click here for more detail).

Toffee Apples:


The Toffee Apples are our After School and Holiday Club children. (click here for details).

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