Apple Tree Nursery is pleased to offer an After School Club and Holiday Club



After School Club

















The after school club picks up from Gt. Bradfords, Beckers Green and Lyons Hall. We will collect from other local schools if there is a demand. The children are collected from school by qualified staff and are brought back to the nursery for tea and activities.


The cars which we use are fully insured and all have the correct seat belts and booster seats.


The After School Club children have their own room although the younger children do join with our 3-5 year olds for tea and activities. In the After School club room the children have access to a computer, games consoles, television, video, board games, craft activities and construction toys. They also have access to the large secure garden.


Children are free to do their homework if they wish, however we tend to encourage the children to relax and have fun after school.



Holiday Club:


The Holiday Club children use the same room and it is run along the same lines as the after school club. The children do craft activities and play with games and toys made available. They can also use the computer, games consoles or relax watching videos.


When possible, we take the children on short outings to places such as the library, park and shops. You would be informed if we were going on longer outings to places like the zoo, swimming or the cinema.


The holiday club day includes a mid-morning and afternoon snack, breakfast, lunch and a light tea.